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Jesse and I (Sean) are two highly-optimistic University of Toronto graduates. We are inspired by the philosophy of  "Start with Why". Naming the company Michael Wynek is our way of respecting this ideal. Our "why" in life is to be the best versions of ourselves to make the most of time and to pay it forward by helping others in need. We believe everyone has the potential do more with their life and positively impact those around them. 


Don't Wait for Opportunity, Create it.


We are highly driven people who value time and productivity in addition to treating ourselves with respect by dressing well. Time is the only currency that once spent is impossible to get back, which it makes most valuable. These values of time, productivity and fashion coupled with our entrepreneurial spirit inspired us to start Michael Wynek. We wanted to create a company that not only improves people's confidence by making them look stylish but also inspires and promotes positive, growth-promoting changes to the world around us. 

The Michael Wynek movement is one that unites the doers of the world. Our theme is all about "execution", it's about creating opportunity if there isn't any and believing that when there's a will there's a way. Our brand aims to unite people from all walks of life under the umbrella of "less talk, more action". Whether your passion is finance, music, science or any other thousands of careers/hobbies, we just want everyone to start doing and stop procrastinating. "Rome wasn't build in a day" and neither is true success, but if we all act in small ways consistently, progress will be made and tomorrow will thanks us for it. 

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Jesse Nguyen
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