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How To Set & Care for Your Timepiece

How to Set Your Watch

 You should feel and hear a click when moving between crown positions.
Pos I – Position to use watch (watch running)
Pos II – Position to change date (rotate crown forward)
Pos III – Position to set time (rotate crown forward or reverse)


1. Remove the clear plastic film from your watch glass, case-back and crown (if applicable).

2. Your watch has its crown set to Pos III. Remove the plastic tab that locks the crown in place and keep it safely in your watch box.

    3. Identifying Am/Pm: Your watch is set to either 10:00 am or 10:00 pm. Rotate the crown in Pos III forward past 12:00/00:00. If the date changes, then the watch was originally set to 10:00 pm. If the date does not change, then the watch was set to 10:00 am.

    4. Set Date: If the time is not set between 9:00 pm and 4:00 am, push crown into Pos II and rotate crown forward to change to desired date (It is advised that the crown is not turned in reverse - counter clockwise)

    IMPORTANT: If the time is set between 9:00pm and 4:00am adjust the watch out of the timeframe by using the crown in Pos III, then proceed to adjust the date using Pos II.

     5. Set Time: Once the date is set, pull the crown back Pos III and set to desired

     6. Use Watch: Push the crown to the Pos I to start


    Caring for Your Watch

    Water Resistance (3 ATM): Your timepiece has a 3 ATM water resistance specification. This means it is designed and manufactured for accidental contact with splashes of water or rain. It is not crafted for swimming, diving, showering or other water activities.

    Shock & Absorption General everyday absorptions should not affect your watch, but be careful not to drop or hit it hard against objects.

    Magnetism – Keep strong magnets away as their magnetic field interferes with your timepieces' movement and can cause damage.  

    Case & Strap - Remove dust/other particles with a small microfiber cloth periodically to avoid build up of foreign particles.