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"Strategy is great, But it's nothing without Execution" - 3 Simple Steps to Start

Everything begins with a vision, a big picture that is a product of our creativity. Without vision, we would have no goal to move towards and instead would only be carrying out day-to-day tasks that ultimately leave us unfulfilled. With vision, there's a defined target that one can start to plan a route towards, to make what was once impossible possible. However, I have met a lot of people who have great visions, who have great business and life ideas but never seem to take it anywhere. Think back to the numerous times you or someone you knew thought of an idea that could really impact lives for the better, the end goal seemed beautiful…. But after that conversation was nothing more than just a conversation. Possible explanations could be that sometimes the thought of turning that vision into a reality seems farfetched or too overwhelming. A lot of people don’t know where to start and thus just drop it.

The great thing, though, is that these ideas don’t have to die as a conversation, they can be actioned on and made into reality with a few critical steps. The below is my perspective on how to get things done from experience building Michael Wynek and building myself. In all areas of life, the ability to turn vision into reality aka. action is one of the most valuable skill sets someone could develop. Keyword being "develop", becoming a great "executer" can be taught and learned with practice, repetition and a proper growth mindset.

Steps to Action on Entrepreneurial or Life Ideas:

1. Know Yourself & Learn

Yes, this might seem cliché but the key to getting anything done is knowing whether or not you have the necessary skillset, financial or people resources to carry out the task. IF NOT, does it mean that it’s impossible to do? Absolutely not. Instead, briefly look into what skills/resources you might need and then get them!.

    Take it from Kenyan Olympian, Julius Yego, “The Youtube Man” who not only learned javelin throwing from Youtube but went on to win Gold medals at the Common Wealth Games and a Silver in 2016s Rio Olympics that in today's day and age there really are few boundaries to learning.

    www.coursera.com, www.edex.com, www.youtube.com are a few great places to get access to high-quality learning material.

    2. Write it Down & Keep it Visual

    One of the biggest problems to executing on an idea is merely forgetting about it. The simple solution is when an idea pops into your head, write it down. As neurologists have discovered, our brains are wired to handle memories in two fashions, short term, and long term. Long term memory acts as a filing cabinet to hold material for months and years on end, but only stores information that has been reviewed over and over again. Short term memory, on the other hand, is where ideas form and stay only for a few hours to days if not revisited. Thus, by writing it down and then keeping it in view to see it over and over again will remind you of the awesomeness and ensures it doesn’t face an awful death in your short term memory. 

    3. Keep it Simple

    Incremental Steps are essential: To add on to writing the idea down, write down a plan with the “potential” steps you could take TODAY to get the ball rolling. They key is to break down the big picture vision into smaller pieces that you can work on step-by-step. As one of my favorite fitness personality, Tony Horton, once said: “Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was your body”. This saying goes with everything, especially business ideas. Keep it simple, outline the next few steps you could take for the next days to month start. Then as you grow you will learn what works and what doesn’t and can pivot accordingly.

    For Steps 2 & 3 try the following: Go to the dollar store and pick up a journal for $1-2. Nothing fancy, just a journal with lines to write on. Keep one page dedicated to ideas you might come across and the other pages to daily/weekly tasks to accomplish. Every night before you go to bed title a new page with the following day’s date. Then write down all the actions you could take to get you one step closer to your “big picture”. Do this for long enough and soon you’ll be well on your way to creating something amazing.

    Once you have gotten into rhythm of keeping this simple next-day to do list, you can move on to planning for the week/month etc. and add on complexity as it suits your needs.

    Closing Thoughts

    Lastly, the most important step to starting is really just STARTING. DO SOMETHING, ANYTHING no matter how small it may be, a step in the right direction is still a step no matter how small or how slow. With that, I leave you to begin. Write down your idea, know yourself and make a small simple plan which you can action on today.

    All the best with your endeavors and from us at Michael Wynek, go change the world! 


    Signing Off, Sean Menezes

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