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6 GOOD Reasons to Own a Watch

6 Reasons to Wear a Watch

1. Completes the outfit

A watch is one of the best accessories to wear to compliment an outfit. Like many additions, a watch can make your outfit feel more fleshed out and can be a valuable accessory to express your personality, man or woman. 

2. Expression of Personality

Although this was mentioned in the previous point, the style of watch can tell others immediately what type of person you really are.


Casio calculator watch with rubber strap? Math nerd /  Resourceful.

Dress watch? Simple, practical, and sophisticated

Watch with nato strap? Adventurous!

Patek Phillipe? High Roller

Fitbit? Athletic Health conscious.


I could go on and on, but at the end of the day, watches help make the first impression on other people.

 3. Convenience

I know phones have been very popular these days but a watch is still convenient to have. What happens if your phone dies? What if you want to save energy and be energy efficient? Well BAM! You have your trusty watch.

Most phones use lithium ion batteries that have a decreased performance under cold weather. Well, watches have the added bonus of working awesomely in other weather condition. Plus if you want to have an escape from a conversion a quick glance at the watch is a non-rude gesture to excuse yourself.

 4. Makes an amazing heirloom

 Since watches last an absurd amount of time, and since time is also so valuable to us; watches have been the ideal item to give to the next generation. I remember my dad giving me his Seiko watch and I still keep it to this day. It still works and it’s truly awesome to have because I can wear it with me during everyday life.

If you want to leave a legacy, investing in a watch (Psst! Michael Wynek piece) is truly the best way of doing so.

5. Brings back memories!

What is this you say? By God, we have a breakthrough in science!

Jokes aside, watches are great markers for memories. Getting your first watch, your first compliment on said watch is something you’d never forget. Watches, like any other object, develop character as they age. They develop scratches and blemishes that last nearly forever, each scratch is a memory and each blemish was caused by an adventure. A watch that is 10 years old has its own story, different from another that is 20 years old.

 6. You love the style

I get you, you want something that looks nice. You want something that looks sick/classy/out-of-this-world and there’s nothing wrong with that. Maybe you like something that is minimal like our Henderson watch. Maybe you want something that POP like a Rolex Cosmograph Daytona.

We get you; we understand that everyone likes nice things.

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